The perfect point of view

The perfect point of view

Create the optimal viewing position.

An excellent viewing angle

According to research, poor posture at work can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain and trigger higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression and increasing absence from work. Around 70% of employees suffer from back and neck pain caused by bad posture is now the second most common complaint from employees visiting their company’s HR-department. Using monitor arms can improve the working posture of employees and decrease health issues.

Assure the ideal viewing position by placing your monitor(s) approximately an arm’s length away and make sure the top of the monitor(s) is slightly lower than eye level, to ensure you are looking down at an angle of about 15°. Tilt the monitor so the base is slightly closer to you than the top, to enable the best view of the entire screen. You have achieved the best position when your head/ neck is in a neutral position when reading from the monitor. The most simple way to achieve that is with a full motion desk mount with a gas spring, like the models in the FPMA-D750 series.

The FPMA-D750-series offers a smart and ergonomic solution for one (FPMA-D750) or two flat screens (FPMA-D750D) up to 32”. The full motion desk mounts feature the versatile tilt, rotate and swivel technology - allowing the mount to change to any viewing angle, to fully benefit from the capabilities of the flat screen(s). The models are easily adjustable in height using a gas spring and can also be adjusted in depth (0-47 cm), to create the perfect working positon. The clever cable management conceals and routes cables from mount to flat screen.

• Ergonomic • 170° tilt, 180° rotate & 180° swivel technology 
• Height & depth adjustable • Gas spring • Clamp & grommet

Available models:

FPMA-D750BLACK – Single flat screen desk mount, black

FPMA-D750SILVER – Single flat screen desk mount, silver
FPMA-D750WHITE – Single flat screen desk mount, white
FPMA-D750DBLACK – Dual flat screen desk mount, black
FPMA-D750DSILVER – Dual flat screen desk mount, silver

FPMA-D750DWHITE – Dual flat screen desk mount, white

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