A protected workspace

A protected workspace

Create a protected workspace with the Neomounts NS-GLSPROTECT safety screens.

Create a protected workspace with the NS-GLSPROTECT safety screens.

Neomounts expands the recently introduced NS-PROTECT line with a new series; the NS-GLSPROTECT. Like the NS-PLXPROTECT products, the models in this high-end series offer a smart solution for a safer workplace in the new 1.5/ 2-meter society.


With the NS-GLSPROTECT, the workplace can be shielded from the front and side in a durable and stylish way, to create extra safety and distance from others. The series consists of 4 models with different sizes; the NS-GLSPROTECT100, NS-GLSPROTECT120, NS-GLSPROTECT140 and NS-GLSPROTECT160, for respectively 1 m, 1,2 m, 1,4 m and 1,6 m desks.

All models are 65 cm high and 6 mm thick and made of laminated and tempered glass. The tempered glass adds an extra safety aspect to the screens; the transparent film between the two layers of glass increases the resistance and ensures that the glass stays in place and does not shatter, in the extreme case that the glass of the screen should break.

The NS-GLSPROTECT models have rounded corners and edges for extra safety and can be easily attached to the desk with two clamps, offering a durable and stylish solution for the new way of working.

The screens come with both white and black clamps as standard. The clamps guarantee a solid and secure installation onto desks with a maximum thickness of 25 mm* and move smoothly with the sit-stand workstation when it is adjusted in height.

The models can be used as desired for both the front and the sides of the desk, to create optimal safety. When mounted to the side of an average desk, the screen protrudes beyond the desk, automatically creating a barrier between the user and any person at the desk next to it.

The NS-GLSPROTECT products are designed to create extra safety within the workplace and designed for maximum comfort. The screens are 100% recyclable, very user-friendly, easy to install and easy to clean.

For desks with a table top thicker than 25 mm, the NS-CLMP40BLACK and –WHITE clamps are available. With these clamps, the NS-GLSPROTECT100/120/140/160 can be mounted on desks with a work surface of 25-40 mm thick.

• Extra protection 
• Laminated and tempered glass 
• Hygienic/ easy to clean 
• Moves with the sit-stand desk 
• Including black and white clamps 
• Suitable for desks of 8-25 mm thick 
• Also available; clamps for desks of 25-40 mm thick

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